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Forest Products

Whether you want to move your lumber, wood pulp, paper or pellets in North America or across the ocean to Europe or Asia, CN can assist you with a multitude of shipping services.

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Speed, Equipment and Capacity!

CN offers one of the largest fleets of high-capacity, 100-ton railcars and intermodal containers, combined with great service and more. This is the ideal supply chain solution.

Our Competitive Advantage

Competitive Pricing

Rail is the most cost-effective way to ship.  In tough economic times, you need to make the most of every transportation dollar.  We offer door to door rates for your preferred destinations. As a bonus, railcars can carry up to two to three times more forest products than trucks! For smaller orders or faster delivery times our intermodal services are there for you.

Extended Reach

We offer you access to a unique three coast network, reload centers & strategically located intermodal terminals to get your wood products to markets in Asia, North-America, Mexico and beyond.  We can efficiently extend your market reach.


Get your money’s worth and more!

Not only are we a green transportation alternative by nature, we can also provide amazing services to help you grow your business. Try our customs brokerage service — it is well known for its reliability and speedy clearance.

Shipping to Mexico

Extend your reach to this new hot destination. We offer single-line routing from Canada to Mexico with fast border clearance and amazingly attractive prices.

Ocean Carrier Equipment Optimization

Benefit from lower asset costs due to steamship line equipment repositioning agreements. Our intermodal terminals are strategically located and multiplying to get your wood products to all your desired destinations.

Reload/Distribution Centers

Need to transfer your products from a railcar to a truck to go places that are not accessible by rail?  Take a look at our reload centers, which are strategically located in North America to help you serve your customers.

Equipment & Innovation

Get the right fit for your product

CN owns and operates the largest equipment fleet in Canada. We have the quantity and variety of equipment you need to meet your transportation requirements for safe, damage-free shipping!

Equipment Guidelines


Pricing and Tariffs

Ready to ship?

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