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Customer Safety

At CN, we work together to ensure everyone goes home safely. That extends to our customers. Our approach to customer safety is collaborative. We do everything we can to ensure our operations are safe and your cargo is handled with care and caution. As customers, you help CN stay moving safely by ensuring key elements are in place.



In an effort to align our customers' safety philosophy with ours, CN also welcomes customers to both the Winnipeg and Homewood campuses to participate in a set of free safety-focused classes. Customers are given a hands-on experience on state-of-the-art rail safety training equipment such as locomotive simulators and indoor tracks, in addition to a mix of theoretical classroom learning. Over 180 customers attended almost 280 training sessions in 2016. The unique learning experiences will continue to be offered at both campus locations in 2017 and will be enhanced based on customer feedback. CN will also expand the program to other stakeholders, including shortline railroads in Canada and the United States, as well as regulatory bodies and supply chain partners.